Grace Through Generosity

positively impacting our employees and greater community through 

servant leadership and selfless giving

(Pictured are students of Oak City Academy whose founders passionately believe every child deserves an amazing education regardless of income, where they live, or the color of their skin.)

Multiply Our Blessings

As one of the Rosewood Family of Companies, we, at ProVantage Corporate Solutions, are part of a much bigger purpose. We get up every day to do the best we can with the blessings we’ve been given. What drives us is our purpose, or our "why", which is "to multiply the blessings that have been placed in our trust." We seek to be good stewards of the employees, opportunities and clients who partner with us. 


Our core values are: A Spirit of Excellence, We Before Me, Doing the Right Thing, Innovate to Elevate and Grace through Generosity (positively impacting employees and the greater community through servant leadership and selfless giving). By infusing our core values into every aspect of our business, we are able to build environments where excellence thrives and success allows us to give back to the communities we serve.


Our passion for giving to education is fueled by our hope that donations impact students’ lives financially, educationally, and professionally.  Our goal is for these gifts to be impactful enough, that students will internalize our passion and do the same for others one day. Raising up the next generation of givers is a pathway to our purpose of multiplying our blessings.


Zachary Brewer (seated right), Campbell University, Summer '19 Internship and Scholarship Recipient, working with ProVantage Project Managers. 

Investing in Tomorrow's Business Leaders

“The significant support our friends at ProVantage provide through scholarships and internships immeasurably benefits our students and campus community. They contribute much more than funding by truly investing in the lives of tomorrow’s business leaders, exemplifying our mantra of ‘Leading with Purpose.’ We are grateful for their commitment to Campbell University and our students.”


Nathan Rice, ‘07

Director of Development, Institutional Advancement

Campbell University

Stones of Hope

In a letter to the Rosewood Corporation, Interim President, Dr. Maria Lumpkin invited the company to be Rock Quarriers for the university, “I want to reflect on a passage from my favorite leadership book, the Bible and the book of Nehemiah 2:18 which reads, “then I told them of the hand of my God which was good upon me… And they said, Let us rise up and build.” Those in this passage strengthened their collective hands for this good work and they began to build. Similarly, Saint Augustine’s University was founded over 153 years ago by men who also endeavored to “rise up and build.” The first building on the campus was the Historic Chapel that was built by students who quarried rocks. “When you quarry a rock it requires you to cut into the rock and the ground to obtain stone or other materials, for the purpose of building,” Lumpkin adds. 

She continues, “If you know anything about quarrying rocks, you know that it is labor intensive and you have to go through a process of excavating, chiseling, and crafting. And after our students, the Sons and Daughters of former slaves, having gone through this process were the “stones of hope” that built our great University and inherently built a future for their families and generations to come!”

James Wyatt, Assistant General Counsel Rosewood Family of Companies responded by saying, “Rosewood is of the belief that when extracting a rock there may be potential for that rock to contain valuable resources, ‘stones of hope,’ that, through a labor-intensive refining period and the grace of God, can provide support for something great.” The Rosewood Family of Companies affirmed their commitment to the university by providing a substantial gift for student-centered programs that create guided pathways for student success. 

James Wyatt, Assistant General Counsel and Chandler Rose, Group CEO presenting check to Saint Augustine

"We humbly thank your organization for choosing to invest in the lives of our young people today so that together we may train the next generation of confident, competent, and wholesome leaders who will serve the Lord Jesus with integrity in their respective fields here in North Carolina or wherever the Lord may lead them."


the family of a Scholarship Recipient

Raleigh, North Carolina

Chrystal Holder, teacher extraordinaire, giving her students a math lesson.

Empowering the Whole Child

"At OCA, we believe every child deserves an amazing education regardless of income, where they live, or the color of their skin. A precious 3rd grade girl came to OCA, who was reading at a 1st grade level. She was very self conscious of her academic struggles and was reluctant to share her thoughts and ideas in class. By the time she was in 5th grade, the sparkle in her eye returned and she truly had a love of learning. Through the help of her teacher, a mentor, and her own perseverance, she mastered reading at a 5th grade level. She loved sharing her ideas in class and had a renewed confidence in her ability to think and learn. Without community partners like ProVantage Corporate Solutions, Kamiree would never have been able to afford OCA nor experience a transformation that enabled her to bless her community and  succeed in life."


Danny Breed

Cofounder and Headmaster

Oak City Academy

Garner, North Carolina

Servant Leadership

“These scholarships have had a tremendous impact on our law students by inspiring them to pursue non-traditional legal service opportunities in our community. The experience and skills they have gained through this servant leadership model allows them to make a direct and immediate impact on those in need.”


Dean J. Rich Leonard

Campbell University 

Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law

Carry One Another's Burdens

"When my husband received the call from Mr. Hering at Wake Christian Academy, we knew that the Lord was still working and that we didn't have to carry this burden alone. As Galatians 6:2 stays, "Carry one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." Thank you for shouldering part of our load by paying for a month of tuition for our two boys. We are not accustomed to being in financial need and struggled with accepting help, but we do receive it as a gift from the Lord and are very thankful to you for giving it. Once my husband is employed, we plan to pay the gift forward to another family in need."


from the family of a Scholarship Recipient

Wake Christian Academy

Raleigh, North Carolina

Students of Wake Christian Academy
Our crew at work!

Dressed for Success

Partnering with The Container Store and our sister company, Penmarc Inspired Spaces, of Rosewood's Family of Companies, we aided Campbell in the purchase and installation of a new Career Closet for their Students

“Their generous support, especially focused in the areas of student persistence and career outcomes, is making a difference daily in the lives of our students,” Rice said. “We are grateful for their support.”


Nathan Rice

Campbell University

a Rosewood Family of Companies Company