Top 5 Skills That Set You Apart

Our Vice President reveals the top 5 skills he looks for in new hires

At ProVantage Corporate Solutions, we hire thousands of employees every year for projects across the United States. In interviewing and hiring so many candidates, specific skill sets stand out to our team and help you rise to the top of potential new hires. Want to know the secret? It's actually simple. Our Vice President reveals the top 5 skill sets he looks for in candidates. If these describe you, make sure to click apply at the bottom of this article. You are sure to stand out to us!
Skill 1: Attitude, Concentration, Effort (ACE)

"If a candidate possesses these three attributes, then I know I can teach them pretty much anything in a role.  A positive attitude, the ability to concentrate, and putting forth your best effort will ensure your success."



Skill 2: Humility

"If a candidate is willing and able to accept responsibility for their shortcomings, then I know they will be transparent and continue to strive to get better.  None of us are perfect, but working to better ourselves, gain new skills, and work with purpose will set you apart."



Skill 3: Confidence

"If a candidate can provide multiple examples of tough decisions they have made in their career, then I know they will confidently step up to challenges that may present themselves." 

Skill 4: Team-Oriented

"If a candidate possesses the ability to support others, then I can be sure they can fit in with the current team. We all work together for one main purpose of completing our client's projects successfully, so working together to help one another achieve that goal is crucial."



Skill 5: Technical Skills

"There is a baseline of technical skills that are needed for each role; however, this is normally the least important of the five skills I look for when recruiting someone. If you have the four skills above, we can teach you and train you up with the skills you need to be a success."

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